Our beneficiaries participate in the following programs on a regular basis:


English Class: Beneficiaries have a class every Tuesday from 2-3pm, taught by the Livelihood Programs Manager. The goal of this class is to help our ladies speak and understand English.

Health Class: A nurse from a local clinic comes once per month to teach a three-hour seminar on basic health for our beneficiaries. These seminars are open to the entire Congolese community, whether they work with us or not.

Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA): The Livelihood Programs Manager oversees a Village Savings and Loan Association for the beneficiaries and staff. This gives individuals the opportunity to save money with others, and allows them to take out loans at a very low interest. Since interest is commonly 40-50% in Uganda, this is an immense help to the beneficiaries in providing for their families and starting their own businesses.

Personalized Budgeting Plans: Every beneficiary is given one on one time with our Livelihood Programs Manager to develop a budget as soon as they receive their first salary. Our Livelihood Programs Manager checks in with each woman during monthly home visits to adjust budgets as needed.

Home Visits: Our Livelihood Programs Manager visits the home of each beneficiary once per month in order to make sure that they are doing well in all aspects of life.

Spiritual Care: Our Livelihood Programs Manager is a certified counselor and ordained Pastor. She is available at any time for care and counseling. We require care and counseling sessions twice per year at a minimum for each woman.

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